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Monday, 3 February 2014

Identity: Crisis

This is the introductory talk for a series on Identity at Jubilee Church Solihull.   We believe that God still speaks today and that he has gifted some people to bring his word to his people.  These words will always be in line with what is written in the Bible.  On the day of this talk there were some friends from another church visiting who had this prophetic gift and brought words for some church members after this talk.

Identity Crisis
Today's passage is not from Ephesians but from 1 Samuel.

If you haven't already, please download the podcast and listen to it.

Bible Passage (NIV)
1 Samuel 9:1-2
There was a Benjamite, a man of standing, whose name was Kish son of Abiel, the son of Zeror, the son of Bekorath, the son of Aphiah of Benjamin. Kish had a son named Saul, as handsome a young man as could be found anywhere in Israel, and he was a head taller than anyone else.

1 Samuel 9:14-21
They went up to the town, and as they were entering it, there was Samuel, coming toward them on his way up to the high place. Now the day before Saul came, the Lord had revealed this to Samuel:  “About this time tomorrow I will send you a man from the land of Benjamin. Anoint him ruler over my people Israel; he will deliver them from the hand of the Philistines. I have looked on my people, for their cry has reached me.”  When Samuel caught sight of Saul, the Lord said to him, “This is the man I spoke to you about; he will govern my people.”   Saul approached Samuel in the gateway and asked, “Would you please tell me where the seer’s house is?”  “I am the seer,” Samuel replied. “Go up ahead of me to the high place, for today you are to eat with me, and in the morning I will send you on your way and will tell you all that is in your heart. As for the donkeys you lost three days ago, do not worry about them; they have been found. And to whom is all the desire of Israel turned, if not to you and your whole family line?”   Saul answered, “But am I not a Benjamite, from the smallest tribe of Israel, and is not my clan the least of all the clans of the tribe of Benjamin? Why do you say such a thing to me?”

1 Samuel 10:1-2
Then Samuel took a flask of olive oil and poured it on Saul’s head and kissed him, saying, “Has not the Lord anointed you ruler over his inheritance?  When you leave me today, you will meet two men near Rachel’s tomb, at Zelzah on the border of Benjamin. They will say to you, ‘The donkeys you set out to look for have been found. And now your father has stopped thinking about them and is worried about you. He is asking, “What shall I do about my son?”’

1 Samuel 10:9-10 
As Saul turned to leave Samuel, God changed Saul’s heart, and all these signs were fulfilled that day.  When he and his servant arrived at Gibeah, a procession of prophets met him; the Spirit of God came powerfully upon him, and he joined in their prophesying.

1 Samuel 10:20-25
When Samuel had all Israel come forward by tribes, the tribe of  Benjamin was taken by lot.  Then he brought forward the tribe of Benjamin, clan by clan, and Matri’s clan was taken. Finally Saul son of Kish was taken. But when they looked for him, he was not to be found.  So they inquired further of the Lord, “Has the man come here yet?”   And the Lord said, “Yes, he has hidden himself among the supplies (baggage).”  They ran and brought him out, and as he stood among the people he was a head taller than any of the others.  Samuel said to all the people, “Do you see the man the Lord has chosen? There is no one like him among all the people.”   Then the people shouted, “Long live the king!”  Samuel explained to the people the rights and duties of kingship. He wrote them down on a scroll and deposited it before the Lord. Then Samuel dismissed the people to go to their own homes.

Worship Song


In your journaling you may want to write your feelings and your prayers and ignore the prompts.  The prompts are to help you and you can choose those that speak to you most.  You can download these prompts as a PDF.

Have you prayed for something that God has allowed which wasn't necessarily in your best interest?  How did that work out?

Have you struggled with what God wants you to do?

What view do you have of yourself?

How do you view people?  Do you see people as God sees them? Are you able to see yourself as God sees you?

How often do you disqualify yourself?  Feel that you are not good enough, gifted enough, spiritual enough?

What is your story? What did God do for you when you first believed?

Where have you been hiding?  In the times when you have hidden who has run to find you?

What words has God spoken over your life that you need to remind yourself about?

Optional Video

Illustrated Letter
I have designed a letter for today's session to be used in any way you choose.  Download it by right clicking on the image and saving it to your computer.  Print it off, colour it in and glue it into your journal.  As it is a jpeg you can resize it to fit your journal.  You can see how I used it here.

I hope you that you have found today's message and journal prompts useful.  Share your thoughts, questions and journaling in the Facebook group.


  1. Thank you! I love Brene Brown and her teachings on Vunerability. So fitting for this study.....An Aha moment for me!

  2. The introductory teaching by your Pastor on Identity is so anointed, relevant, and revelatory! It really spoke to me. God bless you and Pastor Davey, Bernice!