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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Identity: Creative Study Techniques

You may regularly study your Bible and have a method that suits you.  That's fine - use that method with our study of Identity.  Do share your way of working with us all in the Facebook group.

You may not have a method that suits you, or you might want to find a different way to study your Bible, especially one that enables you to respond creatively.

Postcard Theology
Andrew Hall wrote a guest post on 12 Months in View on a way of studying a Bible passage and producing some art work from it on a 6"x4" or 7"x5" piece of card.  Read about making postcards here.  You can find out more about Lectio Divina here.

Visual Journaling
Valerie Sjodin shares her method of study in this post: Visual Prayer Ideas & Techniques.   And here she shares another techniques she uses: Doodling Extending into Devotions.

In addition she has made this video.

I signed up for Made last year: an online course to explore how faith and art converge.  Through this I met Beth Morey.

Beth is a mixed media artist and writer living in western Montana with her husband and their rainbow son. She is the owner of Epiphany Art Studio, the creator of the Made online course, and the author of the healing workbook, Life After Eating Disorder. Her words have appeared in various publications, such as Still Standing Magazine, Wild Goslings, and Disney's Family Fun. She is an advocate for babyloss awareness and healthy grieving, and loves to meet new friends through her blog.

Scripture Excavation
Beth Morey has kindly made this video especially for us.  You may like to try this method before you listen to the podcast for each session.  Take the main passages used in the podcast which you will find on each blog post.  By using this method you can study the passage and see what the Holy Spirit is saying to you before listening to Rob's message.

If you try this method you could glue your annotated page into your notebook or journal and add notes to it at a later stage. Or you could put it in your journal and paint over the top of it - having God's word as the foundation to your page.

The way forward
None of the above may appeal or you may want to make your own 'pick & mix' version of all of them!   Or you can listen to the podcast, take notes and answer the questions.  Find your own way to make a creative response.  And share what you do in the Facebook group.

Whatever way you choose to use through the sessions I hope you will find it useful to find out who you are in Christ.

My Journal
I have posted details of how I have made my journal on Newly Creative.

So a quick description of what will happen now.  There will be 8 blog posts - 2 each week for 4 weeks - and then a closing post in the fifth week.  Each of the 8 blog posts will include a podcast to listen to, a worship video to watch and journaling prompts to answer or ignore as you wish.

See you on Monday.

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